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Operating Overtech's Label Software is Easy!

..............Overtech has a Software called
.............."OT Phone Label Designer"
.............Our Software will allow you to customize
.............our Designation Strips by printing Extension Numbers,
..............Names, Speed Dial, or Button Instructions.
..............You can even Import a Logo or Pictogram Symbols.

1. First fill out the information.

Fill out all your information then submit the form. We review all entries before sending out a serial number so make sure to provide accurate info or you may not receive your serial number. We do not use this information for sales purposes. only for our personal records to track who uses our software.

2. Down load the program and install.

After submitting the form you will be directed to the screen to download the program. Save the program to a directory or location on your hard drive you will remember then run after it is finished.

3.Find the product you wish to use and click the 'PR' next to the item. Run it once download is finished.

After downloading the software and entering your serial number, run the software and check to see if your particular desi is in the program. If not, go to the site and look up your desi in our 'products' section. Only products marked 'PR' are usable with the program. Once you find your product, click on the PR next to it, and it will begin a download to update your software. Save, or Run the update and make sure your OT Label software is closed while updating. It will notify you if your update was successful, if so, then the program is ready to use your desi.

4.Use the program!

After updating your copy of the software, it is ready to use. Make sure you follow the instructions on screen and to do the printer alignment first. If you need a manual or guide to help you, please check out the OT User Guide.

Also feel free to call us at: (719) 634-5781 for any questions you may have.